Interior Designer: Sara Anton

Sara Anton Interior Designers create environments for our clients that not only call for high levels of creativity and innovation, sensitivity to individual needs and superb organizational skills, but also a keen eye for quality.

Whether we are creating a home, fitting out a suite of offices or designing the interior of a restaurant, our choices reflect who we are and our status in life, and ultimately they help to establish our personal and professional reputations.


Style though, is something which is highly individual, which is why we at Sara Anton Interiors work ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ our clients to create a look and an ambience which not only meets their needs in terms of quality, luxury, comfort and practicality, but also reflects their own unique personalities.

we are committed to using only the highest quality materials and suppliers to ensure that the finished result is one which reflects the ultimate in distinction and exclusivity, irrespective of whether the style is contemporary or classic.  In fact, the hallmark of quality which runs through every aspect of our interior design service forms the very foundation of our success and our business reputation.

Developing our clients needs and ideas rather than establishing a look that is predominately only our style. We like our clients to walk into their home and shut the door knowing we have created a haven especially for them. Projects that we take on can be small or large from supply alone, to full design and project management working where ever the client needs us to be.

We work with our suppliers and contractors to give you the home interior you desire.  Sara has over 20 years of interior design experience to bring to your home and in turn transform your surroundings into the bespoke environment you desire to live, work, play and entertain in.

A Well-decorated home has a relaxing atmosphere where guests will not want to leave when they visit and the owners are proud to live in it.  The interior of the home often consists of items collected throughout the occupants’ lifetime, reflecting upon whom they are and where they came from.

In addition, the well-decorated interior is often made up of high-quality materials such as the fabric and wallpaper, the paint on the walls, the carpets and rugs on the floor, the lighting, and much more.  This adds to both the elegance and comfort that a well-decorated home can provide to its occupants and guests.

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani once said that ‘style is the only real luxury that is really desirable’, a sentiment which is not only echoed by those with a passion for haute couture, but also by the clients of Sara Anton Interiors whose tastes and lifestyles represent the very essence of chic sophistication and exclusivity.

Of course, only high quality materials will do, and Sara Anton Interior Designers carries some of the best products on the designer market to make this happen